Sunday, November 22, 2020

Winter Fleece Jumpers

I wanted something new/warm and comfortable for Winter if we are going to be in another lockdown im all about comfort. So I saw a jumper at Walmart half off (white unicorn) i told my husband I want that and the material alone will cost more than that. So this jumper started it all. First off i did not like the hoodie. To much weight pulling the jumper backwards. So i wanted a collar. I planned on copying the patter from the white jumper had it all laid out and thought Wait!!! Yep I had a pattern I purchased years ago. So I gathered up scrap fabric laying around pieced it together to have enough for the pattern and that is how i have the Orange/yellow/black jumper. ( my favorite nut my husband said looks like a clown outfit. Can see it from space etc.....) Next I went to JoAnns and in their clearance section scored some fleece for 2.33 a yard. I had to piece the Walking Dead together ( not enough fabric) and ironically easiest to make and not as comfie? Why hun?? But I'm super happy. I think four is enough. LOL MAYBE??

Saturday, November 14, 2020

repurposed a quinceanera dress for a little girl. 1950 pattern

Just finished a 1950 pattern from a used quinceanera dresses. My machine is not making button holes ( rather just destroying when I try and use it). So I used snaps.  This is from a 1950's pattern. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Cute Jumpers

My goal is to try new items. Also make myself more. These are not very hard but sewing on knit is not as easy as it seems. The serger is great but the details on the sewing machine is wonkie at best. This does come in an adult size. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tshirt dresses Halloween style

My goal was to have these done by Halloween. I had them done by November 2 thats still good..?? Right?? Haha. Love the spiderweb dress, favorite is the Ive got your back.. I was really excited about the gold one and Im not realky blown away with it. It was difficult to do with the gold material - toik longer and im not blown away. Life- thows you some curve balls doesnt it.