Sunday, September 4, 2016

Animal Print Quilt.

I am putting a animal print quilt together. I have made this my Labor Day week-end project to get done. If I apply myself and manage my time well I can do this. Here is a break down of how it has gone so far. Friday- Went into the sewing room to find that the apron project is laying over the sewing machine not completed. I got that to a point that is 95% done. Moved it to another location. If I wanted to I could use it right now. I want to add some embellishments to it so not yet. Get a phone call-- Your going to mow the grass right? Yes I can..... Afternoon.... Mowing.... Here comes Saturday and still have not started the quilt. Yet I am still focused. So here is a rough break down of my Saturday.... I really wanted to go to a yard sale I read about in the paper so I programed the GPS and off I went. Its 10:00am ... I found it and scored a couple of kitchen items I really like so I am happy. I passed four other yard sales so I went to all of them on the way home. They did not have anything that interested me but hey that is the fun of yard sales. Now I'm home and it is 11:30 am. Ok refocusing.... I thought I had all the pieces precut but when I went to retrieve them it was reminisces of previous quilts. My first thought aggghhhh!!!!!! I separated them into piles of close to equal length. I was not worried about width as much as length at this point. I lay them out on the bed and started sewing. Right direction / wrong direction I did not care I wanted to just go go go. Three o'clock Saturday afternoon- I had a center piece of 38inches by 46 inches. It could work was all I was thinking.... Make it a center piece and have large borders around it. I felt good. Off to gather eggs, milk the goats and cook dinner. This is working I can have this done.
Sunday -- I started measuring early today I want a full size bed spread so I need to be careful. I do not want to make this quilt to small. I measured than measured again and again. Even googled to see what is the standard size of a full quilt. LOL I could have pulled out one of my quilts and measured it but hey I just googled it. I put another row on the bottom of the center piece and than I started on the border. End of Sunday leaves me with only the final border to be cut and placed on the quilt tomorrow I can see the end it sight.

This is my hallway were I was cutting out the border print. Poor little Ziva was so bored listening to the sewing machine and having to stay off the material. You use every spot you can in a farm house. :-)

Now I had to share this picture because you know when you have entered into a different realm when you have three machines set up for a project. I was using the one in the sewing room than using this brother on the table for the larger pieces.

Today is Labor Day!! Happy Labor Day!!!
I finished the quilt top this afternoon. It is a bit bigger than I thought it would be. HAHA
This is a really nice quilt tomorrow it goes to the quilter to be machine quilted.

These pictures are not the best but I will take more when it is done.

This picture is of our dog Ziva interfering with an attempt to take a picture of the quilt. She did not mind at all being in the picture too.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Keystone De Luxe sewing machine-- Garage sale find

I am super excited about this garage sale find. I wanted a sewing machine that can handle heavy material or many layers of material at once. I found this at a garage sale and I can not wait to use it. I really want to try quilt as you go with this machine I believe I can do it with no problem. :)