Monday, June 29, 2020

week ending June 27

Rough week! Several days lost to a migraine! Everything annoyed me!! Sound, smell, light! Rough! Managed it for a few hours at a time with over the counter headache medicine. During which time i tied up tomatoes in garden ( ironically quieter out there), sewed up sone pants for granddaughter and made more masks for my boys! ( they are adults LOL) the stormtrooper is machine embroidery with glow in the dark thread :) week ended in horrible thunderstorm! Over 4 inches of rain!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

week ending June 14

This has been a week of finishing bringing in the hay. Than a lot of recooping! We were fighting the rain in what feels like always fighting the weather. LOL. Had some chickens hatch - picked up a few new kennels for my pheasents. Finished a project i have been working on for weeks! A birthday gift. A converted mens shirt into something pretty. I took pictures this week of the blind bunny and got a super picture of Ziva and the bunny!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Week ending June 7, 2020

Hay!!! This is number one priority this week!! Wow we have half the field done took all day. Seemed like what could gowrong did. Hay wagon broke. Thankfully we have two. Balier was being difficult and lost a knife we have had for thirty years :( 
I have also been making masks this week. Just when you thought it was coming to the end.... Nope I've made over 25 in just a few days.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

week ending May 31 , 2020

Wow just Wow, this werk has been consumed with birds! Hatching!!! In between all that Rain! Ive been experimenting with girl dresses and different material and looks. Ive mostly been throwing them away. However its how we grow! Thru failure. Or i like to think one more step to success!!!-