Monday, November 6, 2017

Halloween at the Farm 2017 made some Doll costumes :)

The picture above I sewed left over piece of crochet material ( available at Walmart ) together and used remaining blue Tulle to just see what I could come up with. This one is far from perfect but it was fun to try out the puff along the shoulders. The Tulle I purchased was not the best quality so I thought I would just play around with it and not feel any quilt for just letting the creative side of me loose. 😀

This was my favorite dress. the crochet top was sewn together from a roll of crochet 'ribbon' I purchased at Hobby Lobby. It was super easy and the tulle was in excellent condition. the leaves are cut from ribbon also purchased at Hobby Lobby I thought it looked very Nature. Love this one.💖

This one I used the Crochet top same as above and I used left over Orange tulle from Ziva's Great Pumpkin costume. I had been saving this ribbon for years (purchased at the Dollar Store) I cut out the owls and glued them on. I must say I saw this looking better in my head than I think it does but it is cute.