Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recycled pants into an Apron

I fully intended to make a full cover apron out of these pant legs. I really liked the white and it was heavy duty cotton blend. I checked to make sure I had enough material and I did but when I cut the pattern out I did NOT put right side to right side so CRAP that will not work.
I trimmed them up and just winged it from there. I wanted to try out some bible scriptures I had found on the internet to machine embroidery and they turned out great. ( these were free so even better) all in all this came out better than I hoped.
All Things considered I really like full aprons better for if any of my clothes are going to get destroyed it always seems to be my shirt. However that is what aprons are for when you cook and yes we cook. LOL.

Chores on the Farm-- They never end. LOL

Today I have learned that the manure spreader is a great thing.!!! I cleaned out the Rabbit pens and just tossed it all into that wonderful piece of farm equipment. I was so relieved not to be pushing a wheel barrels around and around.
Funny note I think last year I put too much manure on the garden...... Who knew....? well NOW I do. LOL