Sunday, December 19, 2021

Wings for Dolls, Children or Adults.

I wanted something fun so I started making these.  Two layers of fabric, three layers of interfacing, two layers or more of batting, kam snaps, elastic of course thread 😂. 5 1/2 hours later we got wings

Work coverall Farm work that is.

I purchased these used coveralls for Farm work. I had plans to machine embroidery Zombies all over but I was worried about the colors and I would have had to rip seams out. At this point I changed my mind and said... I just going to get JIGGY! with it. LOL some of the dedigns are on the machine. I even embroidered the Lord's Prayers on it. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Quilt sew a long

I participated in my first ever quilt along. Complete with group zoom meetings and all. Had a huge blast! Very easy quilt 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Peace Overalls!

Took me two months to finish these. I got really sick and it delayed them. The inseam gave me fits had to redo it three times. Now lets see how they wear.
*** Update- a month later I have worn them many! Times. Great is all I can say***

Monday, March 8, 2021

Re-vamping thrift store finds

I picked up some pants at the thrift store. With all this Covid crap can not try them on right now sooo its a guessing game on if they will fit. I paided 50 cents to 5.00 for the white corduroy. Looking for three + that fit good and ill be happy!!!. The black and white ones took a while but did not come out as well as i would hope. I thought my fold was on the back nope front. Looks yuckie. But i wore them on the farm and got grass stains on the white first time wearing them. Big disappointment there.  *As of today March 8, 2020 I wear the khaki pants often. They have become a favorite!*
Just a heads up its Feb 2021 two months after i did these black& white jeans. I can not stand them! So I cut them up to use on different projects. I just did not like them/ the feel/ you know.... I did not feel pretty or even comfortable in them.... Got to go.... GONE!

Awesome Pants

Once an awhile you come across a payterb that fits great. ( with a slight modification) i has these t- shirt squares cut out from years ago! Why I did it I do not remember?? LOL i serged them together to make a panel and cut out these pants. I added fliers and hearts from the left over pieces. Crazy arnt they!

Friday, February 19, 2021

What Ive been doing during all this ICE! Now its Snow & Freezing rain. 😒

During all this freezing rain/ snow I had goals I wanted to do in sewing. I have made some hats, gloves, enlarged some thermals so I can wear them. I finally got to making a pair of panties. I found this book at half priced bookstore and wanted to try several patterns. The gloves has given me some fits. I seem to sew one great and the other one would be to small. The hat was easy but I had to enlarge the pattern - I have a lot of hair! The panties in this book are 'Granny' panties but I really wanted to stay in the book. The instructions on the panties were confusing and unclear. I had to go to you tube for addition help with tutorials. I have not tried on the panties yet but Im very excited about getting some of my goals accomplished!!