Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer is here at the Farm

We have been busy here at the farm with incubators running, hatching chicks and peachicks. Rabbits having babies. Here in Kentucky we have had so much rain. I believe I have lost my half my garden. If I hope to have green beans I will have to replant them by the end of the week and than it will be close for them to produce before the first freeze. The meat and dairy goats are doing well. I have had the milk production go up and down with the extreme heat ( over ninety degrees) and all the rain. I will be taking pictures in the next few days to post.
Sewing wise I have been working on pants for me. I have machine embroidery on three pairs of pants. two have flowers and on one I did patriotic. All are really fun to wear.
On my list of things to do this month is make goat cheese and finish up some sewing projects.
Keep checking back for updates on what it is like out in the country on a dead end street. (just the way we like it -- quiet)