Saturday, March 11, 2017

Poncho from Thrift Store Wool Pants

I was at a local thrift store a few months ago. They were having a bag sale and I picked up several pairs of wool pants. I cut them along the seams and felted them. ( washed them in hot water and dried them in the dryer on high heat) Then I cut them into panels and serge them together. I did do an extra step and sewed the hems of each seam down so they laid flat. I had to applique a few designs on the red due to the fact of when I held it up to the light I saw a few pin holes. ( that added a little time but it was totally worth it) I  did a rolled hem on the edge along the top and bottom of the poncho. I sewed the hem with my 1957 Necchi Supernova sewing machine and it handled all the bulk at the seams like a dream.
I wore the poncho today in the cold weather and when I was milking the goats I was warm and toasty.