Friday, February 19, 2021

What Ive been doing during all this ICE! Now its Snow & Freezing rain. 😒

During all this freezing rain/ snow I had goals I wanted to do in sewing. I have made some hats, gloves, enlarged some thermals so I can wear them. I finally got to making a pair of panties. I found this book at half priced bookstore and wanted to try several patterns. The gloves has given me some fits. I seem to sew one great and the other one would be to small. The hat was easy but I had to enlarge the pattern - I have a lot of hair! The panties in this book are 'Granny' panties but I really wanted to stay in the book. The instructions on the panties were confusing and unclear. I had to go to you tube for addition help with tutorials. I have not tried on the panties yet but Im very excited about getting some of my goals accomplished!!

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